Surf only at designated surfing beaches as announced on the radio and as posted in area surf shops. You must use an ankle leash that is tethered to you and the board at all times.

The Ocean City Beach Patrol starts guarding the 10 miles of beach the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. The beaches are guarded seven days a week through Sunfest weekend, which is usually the third weekend following Labor Day in September. The beach patrol is on duty every day from 10:00am to 5:30pm; at 5:25pm you will see the lifeguards signaling everyone out of the ocean.

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The rotating surfing beach will be established on a daily basis and marked at both the north and south boundary by a combination of Surf Beach Facilitator stands, flags and signs. The north boundary will be established approximately 50 yards north of the approved surfing beach street designation and will extend south to approximately 50 yards south of the street one block south of the approved designated surfing beach street.