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Explore Caribbean Pirates on our outdoor mini golf course, or the Safari Village Indoor course!  Don't forget about our arcade as well!

Recent Reviews

Old Pro Golf
Nathaniel Padilla : 5 on 2/4/2024 3:42 pm
It is a very fun place to play a round of mini-golf with your family! We had many laughs with each other along the 18 holes and even won a free game at the end. I especially enjoyed the elevated holes.
5 5
Old Pro Golf
Doug : 4 on 9/2/2023 8:31 pm
Crowds weren’t terrible but the outdoor course could DEFINITELY use a facelift. The course is showing plenty of signs of wear, puddles throughout the landscaping in areas there shouldn’t be water, worn out greens and just signs of wear and tear. We didn’t play the indoor course but it looked a little bit better than the outdoor.

We have a house down in Ocean City and love to minigolf and I cant see us returning here as there are a ton of better options in town.
4 5
Old Pro Golf
KJ's train run : 5 on 7/6/2023 5:24 am
My family and me had a very good time here our last day in ocean city. We were going to go on the boats but went here instead because of the hurricane that hit. I'm glad we stopped. It was a very nice course and I was surprised it was eighteen holes instead of nine for the price! It had a lot of nice features. The only thing I didn't like is the holes over the bridge because everyone slowed down and it took awhile. But definitely glad we stopped one of the best courses around ocean city. The arcade was fun as well.
5 5
Old Pro Golf